Smd Placement Machine



RS 1XL For Everyone Who Wants to Assemble Larger Circuit Boards The RS 1XL combines the advantages of the RS 1 and RS 1R with the possibility of assembling printed circuit boards up to 560 mm wide (for comparison RS 1 / RS 1R max. Width 370 mm). With slightly larger dimensions than a RS 1, the RS 1XL offers the same advantages fast assembly of the smallest chips (0201 metric) to large components of 50 x 150 mm or 74 mm edge length for square components. The machine combines the properties of a chip shooter with a mounter for large components. There is no need to purchase a special machine type.duct 3 description and specification ...

Moulding, rubber - machinery
  • Pick & Place Machine
  • Placement Machine
  • Mounter

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