Smooth running polyurethane castor with polyurethane wheel - polyamide 6 wheel body with ball bearing - polyurethane tread, approx. 95° shore A - with thread guards to protect the ball bearing from dust and dirt - standard steel sheet housing, galvanized Torwegge‘s standard housings are made from deep-drawn, galvanized steel sheet. The solid-riveted, double ball bearing in the slewing ring delivers an advantageous price-performance ratio when used for hand-held logistics applications. Castors in standard housing are commonly used by a variety of sectors in transport racks. They can carry a max. load of 1,200 kg at 4 km/h. The material polyurethane (PU) has a high load capacity with low abrasion. It also features high chemical resistance. These properties make polyurethane suitable for almost any application.

Wheels, castors and rollers - rubber
  • Standard castor
  • industrial castors
  • smooth running castors

Product features

wheel diameter 80-200 mm
wheel width 30-47 mm
load carrying capacity 100-300 kg
housing material steel sheet, galvanized
wheel body material polyamide 6 with ball bearing
tread material polyurethane, approx 95° shore A
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