Smooth tube heat exchanger

Heat Exchangers


Air-water / air-air heat exchanger as smooth tube heat exchanger up to 1,000 ° C Smooth tube heat exchanger as an air / water heat exchanger In the case of air-water heat exchangers (also called gas-water heat exchangers), a temperature exchange takes place between a gas (usually air) and a liquid. As a rule, the liquid medium flows inside the pipes, while the gaseous medium flows around the pipes outside the pipes. Smooth tube heat exchangers can cover various areas of application: heating, cooling and condensing as well as heat recovery. Smooth tube heat exchanger as air-to-air heat exchanger Smooth tube heat exchangers are also often used as air-to-air heat exchangers. In this application, a gas (e.g. exhaust air or exhaust gases) flows inside the pipes and a gas (e.g. fresh air) outside the pipes around the pipes.

Heat exchangers
  • air-air heat exchanger
  • Smooth tube heat exchanger
  • water heat exchanger
  • heat recovery
  • Warm exhaust air
  • modern production systems
  • three-dimensional CAD model

Product features

Materials tubes, frames and bodies 1.4404 (ANSI 316 L) 1.4828 (AISI 309) Special materials on request
surfaces pickled, passivated untreated if flanged
Manufacturing / acceptance Pressure equipment line 2014/68 / EU

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