Unlike series S800 and S804, Schaltbau’s S814 Series snap-action switches do not possess positive opening operation. They normally come with silver-plated contacts, but are also available with gold contacts. Due to their stable and low contact resistance over the operating life of most applications, gold contacts are best suited for use in control circuits where low voltage and current ratings are required. Contact reliability is also achieved by wiping action that provides a self-cleaning of the contacts. When actuated, the contacts of the contact bridge wipe against the fixed contacts. During each operation this wiping action results in the self-cleaning of the contacts. And it is the switch with gold contacts that makes the most of this effect. Features: - Double break contacts: High electrical rating due to solid contact bridge and double-break contacts - Sealed to: IP40 in accordance with IEC 60529 - Contact material: Silver or gold

  • safety limit switch
  • auxiliary switch
  • limit switch

Product features

Conv. thermal current Ith EN60947 10 A at T = 85°C
Rated insulation voltage Ui EN60947 250 V
Pollution degree IEC 60947 PD 3
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp 2.5 kV

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