Snap-action switches S826

Snap-action switches with positive opening operation and double-break contacts


S826 Series switches feature galvanically isolated contact bridges that make it possible to control two separate load circuits with independent voltage levels at the same time. The wiping, double-break contacts ensure high reliability even at low electrical loads. Switches with gold contacts are particularly suitable for low currents and voltages. Features: - Positive opening operation: Reliable interruption even after contact welding, in compliance with IEC 60947-5-1, Annex K - Double break contacts: High switching accuracy and resistance to shock and vibration - Precision switch: High switching accuracy and resistance to shock and vibration - Self-cleaning contacts: Constantly low contact resistance ensures high contact reliability over the entire design life of the switch - Magnetic blowout: Optional blowout magnets to extinguish the arc at higher DC loads - Contact material: Silver or Gold

  • Safety switch in control units

Product features

Conv. thermal current Ith EN60947 10 A at T = 85°C
Pollution degree IEC 60947 PD 3

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