S847 Series snap-action switches in modular design are available with three degrees of protection according to IEC 60529: IP40 (protected against electric shock), IP60 (dustproof), and IP67 (waterproof). Due to their wiping double-break contacts as well as protection against dust, moisture and pollutants, S847 series switches are highly reliable even at low contact ratings. The switches are therefore also often used for handling low currents and voltages. Features: - Positive opening operation: Reliable interruption even in case of contact welding, in compliance with IEC 60947-5-1, Annex K - Precision switch: High switching accuracy and resistance to shock and vibration - Self-cleaning contacts: Constantly low contact resistance ensures high contact reliability over the entire design life of the switch. - Sealed to: IP40, IP60 or IP67 in accordance with IEC 60529 - Contact material: Silver or gold-plated silver

  • safety limit switch
  • electromechanical switch
  • crane control panel

Product features

Conv. thermal current Ith EN60947 10 A at T = 85°C
Rated insulation voltage Ui EN60947 400 V
Pollution degree IEC 60947 PD 3
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp 4 kV

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