Snowbike KIT for motorcycle Pitbike

Kit for converting motorcycle Pitbike to snowbikes

1087.00$ HT
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A track kit is needed to upgrade an off-road motorcycle. A tracked motorcycle is basically a one-wheeler snowmobile, it's called a snowbike. You get the opportunity to extend the season and operate the motorcycle not only in summer but also in winter. It is easy to install on the bike, you can do the installation yourself. The pendulum complete with a wheel is removed from the back and replaced with a track module. The wheel is removed from the front and the ski unit is installed. On the tail you can install a bag, canister, or equipment, there are special bindings for this. Crawler set is an excellent option for motorcycle rentals, an opportunity to increase the season and profit. In addition, the motorcycle snowbikes can be used to organize mini-tours of the territory/ excursions. International snowballing competitions are now held. Also snowbikes are used for organizing tourist excursions. The set is installed on almost any motorcycle with an engine volume of 110-190 cubic cm.

Motor sports, equipment and accessories
  • snowmobiles
  • scooters
  • Travel and tourism

Product features

Weight from 50 kg
Maximum speed up to 40 km/h
Mountain climbing angle up to 25 degrees
Dimensions in 120 x 40 x 70 cm package
Frame and knots are made of steel
Composite track, with crossbars for strength Composite
Track width 19-22 cm

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