Sodasan Laundry Liquid Sensitive


Efficient, unscented detergent for deep cleaning & vibrant colours with exceptional skin-friendly properties. This innovative formula with certified organic vegetable soap is suitable for washing at temperatures between 30°C and 95°C. You can pre-treat particularly stubborn stains with sodasan Stain Remover or sodasan Gall Soap. We recommend adding sodasan Oxygen Bleach to heavily soiled laundry. Dosage Shake before use. Dosage per laundry load of 4-5 kg laundry with medium water hardness: Notes on environmentally-friendly washing: Avoid underfilling your machine. Dose according to level of soiling and hardness of water. Use the lowest recommended washing temperature. Reduce packaging waste and buy in bulk. We recommend adding sodasan Water Softener to medium or hard water. This can reduce the amount of laundry detergent used and allow the detergent to work at full power.

Laundry detergents for household use
  • Sodasan Sensitive
  • Sensitive Laundry
  • Power Sodasan

Product features

Lightly soiled laundry 55 ml
Normally soiled laundry 75 ml
Heavily soiled laundry 110 ml
Lightly soiled laundry 27 loads of laundry/122 kg laundry
Normally soiled laundry 20 loads of laundry/90 kg laundry
Heavily soiled laundry 14 loads of laundry/61 kg laundry

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