Sodium Borohydride, solid

Sodium Borohydride solid; Chemical Agent; CAS 16940-66-2


Sodium Borohydride is a versatile and selective reducing agent that has a variety of applications in manufacturing of pharmaceutical active ingredients, crop protection agents, aroma compounds and other fine chemicals. Its CAS-N° reads [16940-66-2]. Typical applications are: Reduction of Aldehydes / Acid Chlorides / Anhydrides to primary Alcohols; Reduction of Ketones to secondary Alcohols; Reduction of Imines to Amines; Removing impurities and purification of process streams; Metal ion reduction / Noble metal recovery / Dehalogenations. Sodium Borohydride is due to its reactivity a hazardous compound under dangerous goods regulation which requires specific storage. Our material is usually promptly available from stock for industrial consumers, To influence reactivity and handling comfort the product is available as coarse powder, fine powder and as granules. Detailed specification, material safety data sheet and additional documents are available on request.

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Product features

CAS 16940-66-2
Product Information Intermediate
State Solid
TSCA Listed

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