Software for media networks

Intuitive Real-Time Configuration, Control & Monitoring


The intuitive configuration, control, and monitoring software MediorWorks can be downloaded from any MediorNet mainframe via the Configuration Port of the Processing Card. This way you always have access to the correct software version of a specific installation. The software is a JavaTM based application, allowing any computer with a JavaTM Runtime environment such as Windows, Mac OS X or Linux to serve as the host for the application. MediorWorks auto senses the configuration and status of the system it is connected to. Five windows give easy access to any aspect of the MediorNet installation. All windows are visible at the same time. Alternatively, they can easily be accessed via one mouse click on the “Views”-window, which is floating above all other windows. The “Device Browser” shows all available nodes, the cards installed in the node and each connector of the specific media card. If a connector is selected, the “Connections”-window shows the active connections and how the...

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