Solar Lamp Led Motion Detector Wall Mounting


22.50€ HT


garden emotions Solar LED light for wall mounting Total size approx. 19x16x8.5 cm With light sensor and motion detector

Solar energy equipment
  • Solar Lamp
  • Solar Led
  • Motion Detector

Product features

Colour black
Power 4,2 W
Luminosity 520 Lumen
LED 90 Diodes
Beam angle 120°
Solar-Panel 2,5 W mono-christalline Silicon
Li-ion battery 2600 mA
Charging time (solar) 5-6 Hrs./Day
Duration 4-5 nights
IP-Zertifizierung IP65 (wheather resistant)
Sensor range 10 meters
Farbe black/white
Dimensions 192 x 160 x 82 mm
Housing material UV-resistant ABS

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