VACUUM TUBE COLLECTORS CPC Peak performance due to CPC-Technology ... Solarbayer CPC collectors are available either with 12 or 18 tubes. Our evacuated tube collector CPC stands out from the crowd of standard tube collectors because of its excellent optical and technical properties. The 58mm thick glass tubes guarantee a high yield of solar energy and the replacement of the single tubes is really simple. Due to its ingenious design the tube collector achieves highest solar yield, especially in extreme fields of application and when high temperatures are required. A special CPC reflector behind the tubes with an optimally located focus point directs solar radiation onto the absorber tubes in an ideal way, even when the radiation angles are different. Registration number: 011-7S212 R CPC18 annual collector yield 2110 kWh according to EN 12975 (50 K, location Würzburg) Perfect use of solar thermal energy Only high quality material is used for the manufacturing of our CPC collector, e.g. proved and tested full copper double harp tubes and manifolds. Due to the smart connection of the single tubes to the flow and return line a steady hat dissipation of all single tubes is ensured. The special inductive annular gap hard soldering method guarantees an absolutely secure connection of the harp to the manifold. Therefore, a durable construction is guaranteed. Thus, the known Solarbayer quality and long service life is guaranteed for the CPC collector as well. Your advantages with vacuum tube collectors CPC highest performance due to CPC tubes always the perfect focal point due to the CPC reflector high selective absorber coating high performance even when the lighting conditions are diffuse tubes are easy to change, without draining the complete system long operating life of the tubes, the vacuum is hermetically sealed against environmental influences

Product features

type of mounting on roof (pitched/flat roof))
gross surface area m² 2,16 3,21
aperture surface area m² 1,89 2,84
number of collector tubes 12 18
height mm 1603 1603
width incl. connections mm 1423 2083
width mm 1358 2018
depth mm 140 140
weight unfilled kg 43 65
fluid capacity litres 1,74 2,60
max. operating pressure bar 6 6
stagnation temperature °C 249 249
annual collector yield according to EN 12975 (50 K, location Würzburg) 1404 2110
peak power W peak per collector unit (G=1000W/m², η0) 1357 2039
conversion factor η 0 0,718
heat transfer coefficient a 1 W/(m²K) 0,974
temperature depending heat transfer coefficient a 2 W/(m²K) 0,005
incidence angle modifier IAM50 0,87
collector tube glass safety glass
connections CU 18 x 1,0
absorber with vacuum tube U-shaped tube CU
absorber coating selective AL-N/AL
CPC-reflector Highly polished
casing Aluminum
thermal insulation compressed rock wool
According to standard DIN EN 12975
Hydraulic connection Maximum 6 collectors in a row
Interval between collectors approx. 50 mm
Permissible collector tilt 15° - 65° (stand-kit available)
Recommended storage tank volume 50 litres per m² collector surface area

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