Flat plate aluminium collector PremiumPlus AL Peak performance for single houses as well as for large plants ... TiNOx Energy absorber coating with thick walled internally corrugated turbo pipes and very powerful heat transmission rate for highest solar energy yield, available with 2,86 m² gross surface area, best for all kinds of solar thermal applications, for example as DHW preparation, solar heating support or process heat generation Registration number: 011-7S1636 F PremiumPlusAL 2.86 annual collector yield 1436 kWh according to EN 12975 (50 K, location Würzburg) As a further development of the high quality collector PremiumPlus Solarbayer has launched the flat plate collector PremiumPlus AL to enlarge the product range. It is the „Full-Alu-Alu-Absorber“ that is the „new“ and special specification of this collector. An aluminum absorber plate with high selective coating that is connected to a thick-walled aluminum pipe by the aid of an especially developed welding method. The approved aluminum casing is the same as with the popular copper flat plate collector PremiumPlus, which is, of course, still going to be manufactured. Thus, no reorientation is necessary for the installer when mounting this collector. Due to the characteristics of aluminum more material can be applied in an aluminum collector than in a collector with copper absorber, since the weight of the aluminum collector is way lighter. Solarbayer applies special turbo pipes as absorber pipes with internally corrugated surface. The thus resulting enlargement of the heat exchanger surface clearly increases the heat transfer rate and the collector performance will be increased up to 5%! Take advantage of these benefits high selectively coated aluminum absorber internally corrugates aluminum absorber pipes in special Solarbayer meander form (serpentine absorber) powerful heat transfer rate high corrosion-resistance little weight, easier to transport high surface quality manufactured ecologically and low in CO2 emission highly diaphanous solar safety glass for even more energy yield high quality, gas emission free rock wool (50 mm) solid aluminum double profile frame, anodized black weather and UV-resistant materials flexible stainless steel collector connection for compensating the thermal expansion This has to be paid attention to when installing the aluminum collector PremiumPlus AL: All connector connections and couplings within the collector array, also in the roof penetration, imperatively have to be made out of aluminum or stainless steel Only use our PremiumPlus AL connection accessories We recommend our solarpipe stainless steel corrugated hoses for the rising pipe as supply pipe for the collector array. Additional advantages of this solarpipe are the easy installation and the already integrated sensor cable, as well as the high temperature resistant insulation of the flow and return line. No risk of corrosion! No risk of corrosion exists within the solar circuit when the original Solarbayer long-life solar fluid is used. Hence, an extremely high heat transmission is achieved as well as an enormous system persistence.

Product features

type of mounting on roof (pitched/flat roof)
gross surface area m² 2,86
absorber surface area m² 2,684
aperture surface area m² 2,692
height A mm 2270
width B mm 1260
depth C mm 99
interval flow and return line D mm 2122
collector capacity kg 39,5
collector capacity Liter 2,1
max. operating pressure bar 6
stationary temperature °C 194
annual collector output based on EN 12975 (50°C at location Würzburg) [kWh] 1436
peak output per module W peak (G=1000W/m², η0) 2113
conversion factor η0 0,792
thermal conductivity a 1 W/(m²K) 3,159
thermal conductivity a 2 W/(m²K) 0,014
incident angle modifier IAM50 0,943
connections mm AL 22 x 0,8
absorber coating TiNOx Energy
absorber design aluminum, ultrasonic welding, meander form
frame profile aluminum, anodized black
back wall aluminum sheet
insulation rock wool, 50 mm
collector glazing structured solar safety glass, 3,2 mm
norm DIN EN 12975
hydraulic interconnection max. 15 collectors in a row
interval between collectors approx. 76 mm
permissible collector tilt 25° - 65° (stand-kit available)
recommended storage tank dimension 50 Liter per m² collector surface

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