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Flat plate collector PremiumPlus Peak performance for single houses as well as for large plants ... PremiumPlus collectors are available vertical with 2,01 or 2,86 m² or horizontal with 2,86 m². An ultrasonic welded, full cupper meander shaped absorber with high selective TiNOx-coating allows highest yields of solar energy. The small pipe distances guarantees a perfect heat transfer. PremiumPlus are perfectly applicable for larger solar systems as well as for small domestic hot water systems. The connection is possible up to 15 panels in one row. Registration number: 011-7S756 F PremiumPlus 2.86 annual collector yield 1169 kWh according to EN 12975 (50 K, location Würzburg) The Solarbayer high performance flat plate collector PremiumPlus is one of the most efficient collectors that is currently on the market. This collector type is characterized by its design and its powerful performance. Due to its special absorber properties you will gain a maximum of heat. This collector type is available in three sizes. The PremiumPlus 2.01 is mainly installed in case of cramped structural conditions, e.g. on the dormer of a roof. The PremiumPlus 2.86 is first choice to realize larger collector arrays in an easy to install way. The third size is the PremiumPlus 2.86 W which is especially made for horizontal mounting. Solar systems by Solarbayer, including high performance collectors and the system components, cover up to 70% of the annual average of the energy consumption for heating up domestic hot water. There is even enough solar power to almost cover the complete need of energy to heat up drinking water during the summer months. Due to the low feed temperature of the drinking water coming out of the public network and due to the excellent collector attributes there is also a significant proportion of energy obtained during the winter half-year. The water is pre-heated and your heating system only has to heat up the rest in winter. Our high performance collectors are particularly designed for the application in backup heating systems. Therefore, the expenses for oil and gas, for example, are distinctly reduced and you will be half-way independent of fossil fuels. The special installation technique of our collectors enables an installation in higher snow load zones when an appropriate substructure is provided. Take advantage of these benefits Diaphanous solar safety glass for even more light yield Ultrasonic welded full cupper meander shaped absorber with environment-friendly high selective TiNOx-coating Copper tube in special Solarbayer meander form High quality insulation, mineral rock wool 50 mm Solid aluminum double profile frame, anodized black Weather-proof and UV resistant material Flexible collector connectors to compensate the thermal expansion

Product features

type of mounting on roof (pitched/flat roof)
gross surface area m² 2,01 2,86
absorber surface area m² 1,863 2,684
apertur surface area m² 1,859 2,692
height A mm 1600 2270
width B mm 1260 1260
depth C mm 99 99
distance connections outlet/return D mm 1452 2122
weight collector unfilled kg 32 46
fluid capacity litres 1,97 2,52
max. operating pressure bar 6 6
stagnation temperature °C 232 232
annual collector output based on EN 12975 (50°C at location Würzburg) [kWh] 808 1169
peak power W peak per collector unit (G=1000W/m², η0) 1435 2080
conversion factor η 0 0,773
heat transfer coefficient a 1 W/(m²K) 3,675
temperature depending heat transfer coefficient a 2 W/(m²K) 0,007
incidence angle modifier IAM50 0,901
connections mm CU 22 x 0,8
absorber coating TiNOx, high selective
absorber design copper, ultrasonic-welded, meander-form
casing aluminium, anodized black
back wall solid aluminum plate
insulation rock wool, 50mm
collector glazing solar safety glass 3,2mm
according to standard DIN EN 12975
hyraulic interconnection max. 15 collectors in series
distance between collectors approx. 76 mm
permissible collector tilt 25° - 65° (stand-kit available)
recommended storage tank volume 50 litres per m² collector surface
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