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Flat plate collector SilverSun Best price-performance ratio ... Solarbayer Silversun collectors with copper-aluminium-absorber have the best price-performance ratio. The collector’s main characteristics are functionality and aesthetic design. Their main application area is heating support and DHW preparation for single and multi-family houses. Registration number: 011-7S2371 F SilverSun 2.02 annual collector yield 839 kWh according to EN 12975 (50 K, location Würzburg) Take advantage of these benefits High-selective always the perfect focal point due to the CPC reflector high selective absorber coating high performance even when the lighting conditions are diffuse tubes are easy to change, without draining the complete system long operating life of the tubes, the vacuum is hermetically sealed against environmental influences

Product features

type of mounting   on roof, pitched, flat roof
gross area m² 2.02
aperture area m² 1,83
height A mm 2006
width B mm 1007
depth C mm 85
distance between flow and return tubes D mm 1890
weight unfilled kg 27
collector capacity l 1,5
max. operating pressure bar 6
stagnation temperature °C 199
annual collector yield according to EN 12975 (at 50 K, location Würzburg) kWh 839
peak power per collector unit (G = 1000 W/m², η 0) W 1398
conversion factor η 0 0,764
heat transfer coefficient a 1 W/(m²K) 3,953
temperature depending heat transfer coefficient a 2 W/(m²K) 0,008
incidence angle modifier 0,92
connections Ø mm copper 22
absorber material aluminium sheet and copper piping, laser welded
absorber flow pattern parallel, harp
absorber surface treatment Microtherm
frame profile aluminium, anodized
back wall aluminium, alloyed
thermal insulation sidewards glass mineral wool, 15 mm
thermal insulation back side glass mineral wool, 30mm
transparent cover tempered solar glass, 4 mm thickness
test report according to EN 12975-2:2006
test institute ITW Stuttgart
hydraulic interconnection max. 6 collectors in a row
interval between collectors approx. 55 mm
permissible collector tilt 25° - 65° (stand-kit-available)
recommended storage tank dimension 50 l per m² collector gross surface
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