Solar pump system Napoli - free water transportation with sunlight! As soon as sunlight falls on the solar module, the pump starts to work and adds a beautiful fountain to your garden pond. Plug-in systems with high-quality brushless pump with dry run and overload protection. The flow rate of the pump is adjustable and different fountains can be created with the included 4 risers and 2 different sprinklers (3-stage fountain and water bell). Plug-in delivery constructed in minutes. The pump works in direct operation without a battery reservoir. Technical data: Solar module: - Output: 10 W - Rated current: 580 mA - Rated voltage: 17.5 V - dimensions (L x W x H): 410 x 245 x 25 mm - Weight: 1.2 kg Submersible pump: - Max. flow rate: 600 l/h (with complete solar irradiation) - Max. flow rate: 1.3 m (with complete solar irradiation) - Operating voltage: 12 - 24 V DC - Power drain at 17 V: approx. 7 W - Dry run protection - Cable length: 5 m - Protection class:...

Product features

Material Aluminium, plastic
Colour black
Length 10 cm
Width 6,6 cm
Height 7 cm

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