Solder tag insertion


TYP A 042 Round pin inserter Description The Streckfuss inserting device Type A 042 offers the economical solution, for the mechanised insertion of round pins, solder posts and or - lugs into p. c. boards. With this device, nearly all customer forms of round pins, solder posts / - lugs can be processed. The loose components are filled into the sorting pot of the vibration conveyor. Trough barriers in the helical of the conveyor, the components are ordered. After positioning, the components are handed to the loading slider, which supplies the components to the inserting tool. Working with this device is save and easy: For assembling, hold the p. c. board with both hands on the edges, and place it under the inserting tool. The p. c. board now lies at the bottom of the pressure stamp, while the tooling pin hole is placed directly under the solder post / - lug shaft looming out of the inserting tool. This has the function of a locating pin. The p. c. board is lifted parallel, so the components shaft enters the tooling pin hole. The insertion process is triggered by a foot switch. Components

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