Float valves are commonly used in industrial applications to maintain a constant level in a tank. For cleaning purposes the tank is often drained and the water supply has to be isolated to prevent the float valve automatically refilling the tank. By incorporating a normally closed servo-controlled solenoid valve upstream of the float valve, but in the same body, this acts as the shut off to the supply line. This combined valve allows other equipment connected to the same supply to remain in operation and also avoids the unintentional refill of the tank in the event of power failure. These valves have a two chamber, straight through body which can be manufactured with various connections. Coil systems for all common voltage and frequency ranges are available. The valve is rated to insulation class F to ensure electrical operating safety, although an additional integrated protective circuit can also be included. By using high quailty insulation materials, a continous 100% duty...

Product features

Valve body Valve body Part of a solenoid valve, made of plastic or metal, which comprises the in PA 66 glass fibre reinforced
Plunger guide Stainless steel
Plunger Plunger Plunger describes the part of a solenoid valve which closes the magnetic flux ci Stainless steel
Membrane and sealings EPDM
Float cylinder PE-foam
Float Lever POM
Coil coating PBT, PET or epoxy resin
Filter POM in inlet
Type solenoid / float valve
Construction Construction The term construction here is normally referred to the design of a val two chambers in line
Ways 2/2-way
mode of operation servo-controlled
Function closed by buoyancy of float
Fitting position float vertically downwards
Media Cold and heated potable water and physically and chemically similar media
T-Medium 30 °C max. polystyrene
T-Ambient as per T-Medium
DN DN Numerical size indication of the nominal free diameter (diameter nominal) of components fo 10 mm
Pressure range Pressure range Nominal pressure or range. 0,3 - 10 bar
Cv-value 15,5 l/min @ 1 bar
Flow regulator on request
Pressure surge according to EN 60730
Coil type MS.006, MS.024, MS.025
Nominal voltages 220 - 240 V AC 50-60 Hz
Voltage tolerance +10% -15%
Duty cycle Duty cycle Indicated as ED on equipment nameplates. It refers to the percentage opera 100%
Nominal power 12,8 W 13 VA (AC only)
Protection type Protection type Standard which defines the scope of protection of the electromag IP 00 up to IP 68
Coil connections flat tabs 6,3 x 0,8 mm
Insulation class F according to EN 60730
Protection class Protection class Includes statements on measures used to achieve safety of elec I according to EN 60730

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