Operating Pressure: 0-26 Mpa Operating temperature: -40°C up to 85°C Reliable function in fueling and operating direction small construction Aluminum, corrosion-resistant All seals are suitable for CNG Certification: ECE R 110 The valve is equivalent the heavy metal regulation Burst Pressure:> 1000 bar, 20 ° Orfice diameter: 4, 6mm Incl. excess flow limiter Incl. manual valve Incl. TPRD, glassbulb 110°±5%, minimal release time, orfice 4, 6, 8mm Incl. 12V coil or 24V coil, AMP junior connector Incl. fitting for 6, 8mm tube or 3/8" Tightness: 1x10-5mbar l/s, 20°C, 100% He

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