Cap Screw Counterbores are designed to create a recess for socket head cap screws and shoulder screws. Smooth chip flow and powerful cutting resistance because of 3 lips for regrinding • Used for Counter boring holes to suit cap screws. • Used for making head of Screw or Bolt. • Also used as a spot facer. • Sets also available. Item code No.Cap Screw SizePilot DiamaterCutting Dia.Shank Dia.Overall Length Sets also Available ABM-CT-1387060.150”0.242”7/32”3” ABM-CT-13871811/64”19/64”1/4”3” ABM-CT-138721013/64”21/64”5/16”3-1/2” ABM-CT-138731/4”9/32”13/32”3/8”5” ABM-CT-138745/16”11/32”1/2”7/16”5” ABM-CT-138753/8”13/32”19/32”1/2”6” ABM-CT-138767/16”15/32”11/16”1/2”7” ABM-CT-138771/2”17/32”25/32”1/2”7-1/2” ABM-CT-138785/8”21/32”31/32”3/4”7-1/2” ABM-CT-138793/4”25/32”1-5/32”1”8” ABM-CT-138801”1-1/16”1-9/16”1”10”

Machine tools - metal machining
  • Solid Cap Screw 3 Flute Counter Bore Manufacturer and Exporter India
  • milling tools
  • Lathe tools

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