Solid Clamps with ball joint


Four new models for even more flexibility The product family of aluminium Solid Clamp tube connectors has a new addition: size 30 base clamps, sleeve clamps and hinge clamps are now also available for delivery with integrated ball joint. A sleeve clamp with double ball also adds to the range. The ball joints are designed for loads of up to 40 Nm (static). Connected applications can be pivoted freely by 60° and rotated freely by 360°. This way, the new tube connectors with ball joint provide a significantly higher degree of freedom for construction than conventional hinged connectors. An appropriate surface coating on the ball joint makes for a high-strength clamping connection. The clamps feature a universal connecting plate for flexible integration. Features: can be combined with size 30 tube connectors the clamps feature a universal connecting plate (KGFS 30, KGM 30, KGGPZ 30) for flexible integration high-strength clamping thanks to special finishes

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