Design and construction This Schulz ball caster / ball transfer unit consists of a casing, a top cover and a bearing cap as solid turned parts, a bearing ball and several support balls. To this ball caster is another casing which serves as a body for the spring. Prevent spring loaded ball casters Damage caused by shock loads. Dimensions Die Teilung wird ermittelt, indem man die kürzeste Kantenlänge des Fördergutes durch 3,5 dividiert.

Castors, swivelling
  • ball transfer unit
  • Ball caster
  • Solid ball caster
  • bearing ball
  • solid part
  • balls
  • Steel ball
  • solid parts
  • spring loaded ball

Product features

Casing Ball caster galvanized Steel (tempered)
Casing Spring Steel
Top Cover galvanized Steel
Ball socket Steel (tempered)
Support Balls Tool Steel (tempered), Stainless Steel (tempered)
Bearing Ball Tool Steel (tempered), Stainless Steel (tempered), Plastic
Spring 1.4310 or 1.200
Temperature range from -30°C to +100°C (bis +30°C Plastic)
Conveyance velocity up to 1,5 m/s.
Dynamic load rating up to max. 2.500 kg

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