Solid clamps – the original aluminium tube connectors


RK tube connector – unbeatable variety Thanks to their simple clamping principle, the aluminium tube connectors enable the fast assembly of both round and square precision tubes. The huge diversity of this system is what makes it an attractive and cost-effective alternative to conventional welded connections. Our application expertise and the experience we have gained over several decades as a manufacturer of clamp connectors give you security for individual handling of RK tube connection systems. Connecting tubes with different diameters and cross sections to one another The cast aluminium or extruded aluminium tube connectors impress with good mechanical properties, a wide range of variants and optimum value for money. The Solid Clamps product range currently comprises clamp connectors with a diameter of 8-80 mm for round tubes and of 20-80 mm for square tubes. More than 170 basic types in over 400 different variations are available.

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