Solid wood panels including finish

Panels finished according to customer requirements, surface coated or oiled


Solid wood boards including finish are assembled and bonded manually according to individual customer requirements or VRS standard according to color and structure. The boards are glued according to stress group D4. The blanks are sanded with at least 180 grit and CNC machined with formatting, milling, drilling, etc. according to customer requirements. CNC machined. The finished panels are treated with varnish or oil. Stains or colored oils are also possible. Wood species: All common European hardwood and softwood species as well as some North American wood species. Oak, beech, maple, cherry, ash, American walnut and European walnut are in stock as standard. Other types of wood can be procured at short notice. Dimension: Sizes up to 3.05 x 1.3m are produced regularly. Larger dimensions must always be clarified due to the availability of wood. Thicknesses from 15 - 60mm. "

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