Solidian Briksy 50

Bed Joint Brick Reinforcement
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Hightech, nonCorrosive, AR GLASS or CARBON FIBER reinforcement brick mesh on a roll for efficient crack control specially designed for any wall width. no corrosion – solidian BRIKSY brick mesh is made out of carbon fiber or fiberglass materials for superior cracking control through the years. high strength – solidian BRIKSY is a carbon fiber and fiberglass compound that makes it superior in its properties. easy to use – solidian BRIKSY is a userfriendly tool that can be chopped easily in different lengths and there is no need of a special tool to cut it like steel meshes. lightweight – solidian BRIKSY brick mesh is the lightweight tool that facilitates transport and thus saves money and time. easy to transport – solidian BRIKSY comes rolled in the box which is very handy to use. It’s easy to stack and transport and saves storage volume.

  • Oilcloths and rubber coated fabrics
  • Masonry Reinforcement Bed
  • Joint Reinforcement
  • Brick Mesh

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Glass Fiber

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47000 Karlovac, Kroatien - Croatia