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Solidian Connector Wall Crack Anchor

Crack Repair


The simple connection of masonry parts to an effective bond, which can be achieved with little effort, is the main focus of the carbonbased solidian WALL CRACK ANCHOR. Cracks in (masonry) façades as well as in the area of openings and (arched) lintels can be repaired efficiently and economically with only minimal interventions in the masonry. Regardless of the possible cause of cracks, they represent significant influences on the overall system of a building and should therefore be repaired with a durable solution. In this context, the structural reinforcement (needling) of masonry structures to restore their serviceability or maintain their stability is also possible.

Cavity walls - insulating materials
  • Crack In Wall
  • Crack In Brick Wall
  • Crack Plaster Repair

Product features

Material Carbon Fiber

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