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Solidian Form 3d Out

Seismic Reinforcement


Cracks usually appear first where the building structure is the weakest joints, corners, edges! And cracks can travel through walls over time if they are not stopped, further weakening the structure of your building. We think it is best to make sure that cracks do not start in the first place. Our solidian corner 3D out is specially developed to create the strongest bond in most difficult places of a building. Connecting the ceiling or floor with with an outsidecorner, for example on a chimney, is the most important part. No measuring and cutting needed! Take out of the box and apply our solidian corner 3D out just like that. Strong carbon fiber reinforcement mesh Up to seven times higher tensile strength compared to structural steel No corrosion so it’s very durable Our special solidian ANTICRACK rough sanded surface for superior bonding properties 3D corner shaped to all corners and edges Connects walls with ceilings and floors Easy to handle and apply

Frameworks, concrete
  • Angle Bracket
  • Carbon Corner Reinforcement
  • Concrete Reinforcement

Product features

Material Carbon Fiber

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