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Solidian Remat Basalt 6mm - Rebar Mesh Reinforcement


solidian REMATs are produced of our noncorrosive and extremely strong solidian REBARs. The rebars are attached to each other by durable and solid injection molded crossing points forming the rigid mat. As a result, solidian REMATs are combining the same unbelievable mechanical properties of our solidian REBARs with the efficient handling of a robust mat on site. You do not need to knot together with your rebars in your prefab plant or construction site saving time and money. The solid injection points are enabling that you can walk on solidian REMATs. So what is the argument to still use steel or stainless steel? corrosionresistant thinner concrete cover, longer service life, lower refurbishment costs reduced weight with higher tensile strength high tensile strength lower overall construction costs electronically isolating and nonmagnetic sustainable and resourcesaving fewer construction materials are required and the service life is increased

Product information

Basalt Fiber
dia 6mm