Soluble oil emulsifier

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Used for the production of mineral oil based soluble metalworking fluids. Composed of emulsifiers, EP/AW additives, lubricants, corrosion inhibitors and specialty esters Product prepared with 18-22% of soluble oil emulsifier and balance spindle oil gives milky oil in water emulsions Emulsifiers are used in, • Textile machine oil, blend oil, cone oil products • Soluble oil ( boron oil) metalworking oils • Textile machine knitting oil products • Wax emulsions for textile fabric treatment • Concrete ad plywood form release oils • Cottong picker – harvester machine solvents • Preparation of pesticides emulsifiable in water • Emulsifiers are used to ensure that the bitumen particles are dispersed in water for asphalts

  • Lubricants, industrial
  • emulsifiers for the chemical industry
  • metalworking fluids emulsifiers
  • emulsifying agent

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77602 Yalova - Turkey