Somsajang Korea Deep Skincare and Makeup Removal Cotton Pad


It is packaged in a disposable pouch with a thick pad made of 100% pure cotton, so it is convenient to carry and hygienic, and it is made of natural ingredients for excellent moisturizing and cleansing. Use : Make up remove, Sunscreen cleaning, Fine dust cleaning, Moisturizing, Skin hypoallergenic Features - Dry skin: Moisture - Individual pouch packing - Excellent retention period - Pad cutting/insertion, filling/packaging are done in one process in one machine Specifications - Pad size: 70 x 90mm - Pad width: 0.0063m2 - Single Box: 30pcs, 100 x 72 x 120mm (H) - Carton Box: 20EA, 385 x 215 x 255mm (H) - Fabric weight: same or less than 190g/m2 - Pad weight: 1.2g/ea It can be used neatly anytime, anywhere with its size and individual packaging that fits snugly in a mini bag and pocket.

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