Sound Flowers DAF-350 Hi-Fi Speakers Deluxe Acoustics is proud of its versatile floor two-band Hi-Fi speakers. Like flowers on graceful stems, spherical, "alien" speakers make any interior ultramodern, luxurious and Hi-Tech. A cozy bedroom, respectable office, or spacious living room significantly transform as soon as these unusual «sound» flowers decorate them. It is the most popular option for fantastic sound of unprecedented purity; it significantly expands the features of your home entertainment system. You just have to choose the color of the cabinet. Find the proper place for our flowers in your home. Relax in a cozy armchair and enjoy the fresh, bright and rich sound of our “Flowers”. Flock coating of the spherical cabinet and stand is available in different colors: black, white, gray, blue, burgundy and red. Systems are equipped with modern dynamic heads from leading world manufacturers. The range includes several versions: 250 and 300mm in diameter, 350 mm as well.

Hi-fi and stereo systems
  • Hi-fi and stereo systems