One Instrument – ‘A world of solutions’. The Real Time Analyser is a noise frequency measurements instrument that allows you to measure all of the Octave Bands at the same time, giving you the confidence that you are not missing any information. It's a powerful noise measurement instrument ideal for use in Industrial, Engineering, Environmental & Building Acoustics applications. Description: Real Time Analyser Real time Analyser with 1:1 & 1:3 Octave Band Filters & Sound Level Meter, One Instrument - ‘A world of solutions’ The Model 33 is a powerful Real Time Analyser for Industrial Noise, Engineering and Environmental applications. The Model 33 and Model 33-2 deliver the solution for all of your noise measurement activities. With exceptional acoustic performance and compliance with the latest worldwide guidelines the Model 33 noise monitors maintain the Pulsar user friendly approach to noise measurement. Taking measurements is ... ** Ask for a quote **

Acoustic equipment, electric - professional sound-engineering
  • Real Time Sound Analysers
  • Noise level meters
  • Industrial Noise Measurement

Product features

Applications Tonal analysis of Environmental noise using 1:3 Octave Band Analysis
Applications Industrial noise measurements & Building Acoustics
Outdoor use Outdoor kit available for long-term use

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