Sound insulation, Acoustic and Vibration-damping materials


Manufacturing Company TechnoSonus is one of the leaders in the Russian market of sound insulation, acoustic and vibration-damping materials, technologies and engineering consulting in the field of architectural acoustics. Specialization: - Introduction of advanced materials and technologies to solve any problems associated with noise and vibration; - Elaboration and testing of highly effective noise protection systems; Production and sale of materials for sound damping, vibration isolation and acoustic comfort; - Construction and installation. For many years, TechnoSonus has been producing reliable, high-quality and extremely effective materials that have won the recognition from millions of customers. Using innovative technologies the Company every year develops, tests and releases various novelty products meeting the most modern quality standards. These include very popular decoratory and acoustic panels Akustiline and Belner.

Sound insulation materials
  • Insulation - injection materials
  • acoustic barriers
  • sound proofers

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