Advantages • Easy programming + maintenance via the PLC: no robot programming skills required • Optimal utilization of space + considerable space saving due to compact design • Highly flexible palletizing solution allows for any number of layer patterns • Layer weights of up to 200 kg possible • Gentle product handling of complete layers • Consistent and proven Langhammer operating concept allows for easy configuration In contrast to conventional systems with fork/clamp grippers, this compact design results in an enormous space saving of up to 40%. The new Articulated Arm Robot AR500 in combination with either Siemens or Rockwell controls guarantees easiest programming and maintenance directly via the PLC. By combining the Articulated Arm Robot AR500 with TheWave Langhammer offers a coordinated concept for the complete material flow, characterized by extreme accuracy & high-quality palletizing – and everything according to customer requirements – ready to go from a single source

Palletising machinery
  • Layer Handling System
  • Articulated Arm Robot
  • palletizing

Product features

Palletizing considerable space saving
Articulated Arm Robot Easy programming and maintenance via the PLC
Layer Handling System TheWave Gentle product handling of complete layers

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