Spacers, Bushes & Washers

Nylon Bushes & Spacers, Assorted Style Washers
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Spacers, Bushes & Washers are commonly employed as finishing products for moving components or appliances, coming in thousands of different size combinations and materials to suit. Mainly coming in Nylon thanks to its metal like properties, these have excellent resistance and strength properties which make them ideal for industrial uses. Check out our huge selection on our website to view all possible styles, along with free sampling on each product.

  • Construction - Finishings
  • bushes
  • washers
  • spacers

Product characteristics

Styles Available:
Nylon Bushes - Black / Natural
Washers - Nylon, Rubber, Peek
Headboard Washers
Countersunk Washers
Finishing Washers
Saddle Washers
Nylon Spacers

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ME15 9XU Maidstone - United Kingdom