Automatic production lines for spaghetti and long pasta Various models featuring output from 200 up to Kgs per hour Presenting the first, complete, automatic production line for short pasta and dry spaghetti in the medium production range has been an important event in the history of dry pasta production. The spaghetti production unit featuring output from 200 up to 600 kgs per hour fits perfectly any requirements of all those pasta producers approaching the world of dry spaghetti for the first time. Years of experience and engineering have enabled to obtain such results so that today everybody can start long pasta production. Besides the production line by extruder MAC320 (see picture) Italpast can supply a fully automatic spaghetti production plant for 200 kgs per hour by extruder mod. MAC 220 with round extrusion head and spaghetti-spreading machine on sticks measuring 600 mms. in length. As to spaghetti production for 600 kgs per hour, extruder mod. MAC 600 with linear extrusion

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