Rooftile System made of recycled plastic, easy to install, with an anchor system that hides screws avoiding all possibilities of water filtration, 5 mm width, lightweight 6,5kg/m2, maintenanceless, with nano minerals that prevents aging, 100% waterproof, antihail and resistant to extreme temperatures. Coverage: Net (without overlaps): Two 4 wave panels = 1.05 m2 Gross (with overlaps): Two 4 wave panels = 1.22 m2 Accessories: Anti-bird protection, ridge, hip, valley, ridge closure (two types), hip closure, lateral and angular. Installation speed:35 m2/ hour Minimum roof slope:10 degrees (17%) Acoustics: The sound of the rain is hardly noticeable if there is no ceiling. Reaction in case of fire:In the event of a strong fire the roof will burn but it will not contribute to the spreading of the fire or release toxic gases as would PVC. Trafficability: Total, does not break and resists hailstorms. Availabled colors and translucent

Roofing materials
  • plastic rooftiles
  • lightweight rooftiles
  • spanish rooftiles

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