The spare parts delivery scope for heat treatment equipment and processing lines includes: heating elements of resistance wire or resistance heating strip, sylite and tubular heating elements, radiant tubes and heating cartridges, casted instrumentation: cast trays, bottom plates, gibs, roller tracks, atmosphere mixers’ rotors, retorts used in pit furnaces and generators, muffles, welded baskets, temperature sensors, ceramic materials (mats, plates, straight sections, mortar). We offers crucibles for non-ferrous metals melting and casting accessories from the German company MAMMUT-WETRO GmbH. Thanks to the modern technology the MAMMUT-WETRO products characterize a high durability and high thermal conductivity. They are used in electric, gas and oil crucible furnaces (resistance and inductive one). We are an exclusive representative of German NOXMAT GmbH, a manufacturer of high capacity energy saving industrial gas

Ovens, kilns, furnaces and hearths, industrial
  • Burners, industrial
  • crucibles

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