Spare parts for ion implantation

Ion implantation spare parts made of graphite, tungsten, molybdenum and alloys
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Spare parts include for example chambers, filaments, arc slits, holders and many other parts. The pare parts are made of graphite, molybdenum, tungsten and alloys. They are extremely durable and long lasting and therefore save money and maintenance time. 100 or more Plansee components are at work in every beam path. They ensure that the ions are generated efficiently and guided precisely and free from impurities along the beam path to the wafer. For customers in the semiconductor industry, Plansee spare parts are increasingly becoming more than just spares. Taking the equipment manufacturer's original spare parts as starting point, Plansee optimizes the geometries and material compositions. The benefits to you: — Simplified component installation and removal — Longer service lives — Lower cleaning costs — Reduced maintenance work — Reduced downtimes

  • Finished Metal Products
  • Semiconductor
  • implanter systems
  • replacement parts

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