Spb Standard Pro Magnetic Box

Shuttering magnets


With the SPB Standard Pro Magnetic Box, we have set the standard for switchable shuttering magnets in the precast concrete plant. The SPB is the original and offers absolute reliability and durability with its integrated ProMagnet, even in diffi cult conditions. The magnetic retaining core is tested regularly in our own magnet production to meet the specifi ed retaining force. The SPB is ready to accommodate adapters and various shuttering skin carriers, which offer countless usage possibilities and thus maximum fl exibility for the future. The Verbus rib screw connection offers countless possibilities for attaching shuttering skin carriers of all types and for integrating systems such as, e.g. Doka, Peri, Hbeam carriers or RATEC shuttering systems. Our standard magnets of the ProMagnet series are used in all RATEC magnet components and shuttering systems. Our inhouse magnet production allows us to tailor the magnets

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