SpeciMold - In-line production of polymer specimens for further analyses



Compounders can take a sample of a newly modified formulation that was compounded on any lab scale single or twin screw extruder while the remaining process is continuously running. In one step, specimens from polymers with or without fillers can now be produced immediately. The created test specimen would be then evaluated for the desired physical properties of the current formulation within the first melting and mixing cycle. What are your benefits? - Cross-compatibility: The Brabender SpeciMold can be connected with Brabender or 3rd party single or twin screw extruders (diameter range: 16-30 mm) - Flexibility: exchangeable molds for different kinds of specimens for standard tests according to DIN EN ISO 75, 178, 179, 180, 527, 604, 1183-1 and 2039-1 - In-line injection molding without interrupting the extrusion process - Time-saving procedure, as pellets do not need to be sent to an injection molder - Preserved material properties, as the polymer is only melted once