Surging demand by the pelletizing industry has caused a shortage of available saw dust and shavings. Numerous industries, like wood–based panelboard producers and the power plants are forced to find alternative sources. Substitution of suitable replacements has become urgent to ensure a fibre supply and to prevent shortages. Wood chips are often the only available source. Because of increasing numbers of produc-tion lines for pellets and particleboard a shortage of small fibre, has resulted. The flake produced from wet wood chips by the optimally PHMC hammer mill, can be used as an additional source or a 100% substitute of saw dust. Advantages Processing of wet chips (moisture u > 100%) Flake preparation of chips to a coarse saw dust type material Ensure the fibre supply in existing processing lines High machine availability at lowest maintenance an labour costs Independence from saw dust supply Future-proof for the usage of different material types by simple adjustment of...


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