Special Threads


Special projects require special parts. However, the specifications for such parts often deviate from standard sizes and profiles. This is why we have specialised creating custom threads and threading parts to fit any requirement. We have our own tool production facility, which enables us to produce screws with thread depths, forms, profiles, pitches or angles that go beyond the limitations of any official standards. Custom-made Threads and Screws We can manufacture single-start, multi-start, whirled, cut or milled threads to suit any requirement. Multi-start trapezoidal threads Worm gears with special sizes Buttress threads with custom thread angles Knuckle threads for rope drums Coarse threads with custom pitch Square threads Screw conveyors and dosing screws Reverse threads and diamond threads Steering shafts with varying pitch Rotors for mono pumps Specially cut threads How to Obtain Your Custom-made Special Thread Just let us know your desired specifications – that’s really all

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