We are a system supplier for clamping ring systems in all standard nominal dimensions and versions. Customer-specific piece production are easy, quick and affordable for us to carry out. We stockpile common standard dimensions and versions, as well as customer-specific factory standards, in galvanically zinc-coated and blasted stainless steel versions. Alongside series production, we are particularly known for the development and manufacture of customerspecific special clamping rings, as well as special dimensions. Factory standards or other custom-built models pass along our assembly lines at weekly intervals. Over the last 25 years, the diverse possible applications for clamping ring systems have led to the development of numerous factory standards and custom-built models. Since each area of application is different, our R&D work on the fitting and secure clamping ring profile as early as the development and problem-solving stage.

Pipes and tubes, stainless steel
  • clamping ring
  • clamps
  • special clamps

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