SL 800 provides optimal protection against wear and is suitable industry-wide. It contains premium active ingredients with long- lasting effects. The special lubricant protects all metal friction surfaces that are exposed to extreme temperatures and is there- fore suitable for use at temperatures of up to around 800ºC (to around 200ºC with dry lubrication) and will withstand cold down to around -35ºC. SL 800 prevents corrosion, oxidation, freezing, galling and wear. Adherent and wear-resistant Pressure-resistant Water-, salt water- and solvent vapour-proof CFC- and silicone-free Free from hard metals (e.g. lead, nickel, cadmium, copper) Makes disassembly easier, even after a long period of use Fields of application Brake systems, exhaust pipe fittings, spark plugs, gears, chains, channels and gearboxes, screw-, bolt-, plug- and pipe-connections, kettle- and oven-fittings. Usage Shake can vigorously for around 30 seconds until the mixing ball can be heard, then just spray SL 800...

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