High strength ePTFE-Graphite Characteristics Extrusion resistant even with large clearances Form stable, wear resistant, heat conductive and can be used as bull ring Shaft protecting (recommended surface hardness: HRC 25) In high pressure applications die formed rings are recommended Operating range Pressure [p max]: 30 bar, Velocity [v max]: 8 m/s Pressure [p max]: 800 bar, Velocity [v max]: 3 m/s Pressure [p max]: 500 bar Temperature: t = -200… +280 °C pH: 0 - 14 Density: 1.35 g/cm³ Main application High pressure plunger- and dosing pumps Bullrings for mixers, highpressure valves agitators, gate valves and valves Suitable for Chemical industry Petrochemical plants High pressure machine constructions Approvals BAM for liquid and gaseous oxygen 60 °C/15 bar, 40 °C/65 bar, 200 °C/50 bar Form of delivery This packing can be manufactured from 3 to 40 mm square as well as in intermediate, inch sizes and special measurements. 03 - 09 mm on 1 kg spool 10 - 15 mm on 2,5 kg...

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