Spectacle blind, line spades & spacers


To isolate section of pipe A solid plate and a ring attached to each other Mounted between flanges Connection piece drilled and bolting placed through the hole : by loosening the bolts, the spectacle blind can be rotated in the correct position In normal operation, to be mounted in the open position "ring spacer" In case of inspection, to blank off the pipe, to be rotated in the close position "spade" Sapdes and spacers can be supplied separately A spectacle blind is a combination of a signe blind (solid plate) and a ring spacer manufactured, for field convenience, as a single unit. A spectacle blind is a safety device used to isolate a section of line or a piece of equipment when the line or equipment needs to be inspected or removed from service. It is different from a valve in that the blind is a permanent or long term isolation device.

Oil refining - installations and equipment
  • spectacle blind
  • spade
  • spacer

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