Spectacle lenses according to ANSI

Spectacle blind


Differentiation between ANSI and DIN / EN ANSI eyeglass blinds differ from DIN / EN eyeglass blinds in terms of pressure levels, sealing strips and materials. In German-speaking countries, glasses blind disks are also called blind disks or throttle disks. However, the English terms “spectacle blind”, “blind paddle” are also often used in Germany. Pressure ratings according to ANSI in lbs The following pressure levels for blind disks according to ANSI are available 150, 300, 600, 900 and 1500 lbs. Sealing strips The following forms of sealing strips are available: SMF, FF, RF and RTJ. Materials The steel materials A 516 GR 60 and A 516 GR 70 are available. In the stainless steel sector, the materials TP 304 / L, TP 316 / L and TP 312 are possible.

Optical instruments
  • Spectacle lenses
  • Eyeglass blinds
  • pressure levels

Product features

sealing strips SMF, FF, RF and RTJ
steel materials A 516 GR 60 and A 516 GR 70

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