The use of XRF techniques enables a non-destructive analysis of nearly all kind of samples with almost no pre-processing. Already this basic spectrometer configuration allows you to analyse: - solids (like metal alloys, minerals, jewellery, electronic parts [PCB],…) - powders (minerals, ceramics, paint, soil,… ) in a corresponding holder - liquids (oils, solutions, paint, …) in a corresponding holder with respect to the latest restricted materials guidelines (like RoHS, WEEE, etc.) but also in a more general way to estimate the composition in an element range from Al (13) to U (92). A CCD camera is used to position the sample that only the area of interest is measured – with the use of suitable collimators a minimum spot size of 1mm can be realized. To enhance the measurement speed and analytical performance (energy resolution) the EA1000VX is equipped with a state-of-the-art 50mm2 SDD detector (no liquid Nitrogen needed anymore). This hardware allows you to analyse film thickness

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