With this high-end spectrometer the advantages of a fast and precise 50mm2 SDD, a flexible and robust X-Ray excitation and a motorized XYZ-stage can be used to analyse a wide range of samples in fast, reliable and precise measurements. This includes for example (but not restricted to): - solids (like metal alloys, minerals, jewellery, electronic parts [PCB],…) - powders (minerals, ceramics, paint, soil,… ) in a corresponding holder - liquids (oils, solutions, paint, …) in a corresponding holder A Dual CCD camera system with wide view and high-magnification view enables a precise positioning of the sample easily from a big area to investigate exactly to region of interest you want to analyse. With the help of the optical system an easy navigation over the sample is possible and a laser-based auto-focus system ensures correct measurement position. Furthermore a second laser-system prevents collisions. The easy identification of areas containing targeted elements is possible by combi

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